Quaff Midi Links
Michi-Web Midi Archive
Over 500 high-quality midi files from all genres especially pop, rock, dance, rap, r&b, TV/movie, holiday, and current hits. All categorized and sorted for your convenience. All files are uncompressed. Always expanding.
Midi By Request
A great site with Hundreds of Midi's. Request rare, unknown and new midi's. Lots of Modern Rock (Alternative) and Movie-TV. Also some Rap, and Classical!
Alex's Screwed Up Midi Page
An Excellent Midi Page For Those Who Collect Midi Files. A Various Selection To Choose From Including TV, Movie, Rock, R&B, Dance, & Pop.
Joshua's Page on the Web
I have a great selection and a nice layout. Themes and Pop music midi files
Norma Williams Midi Homepage
Mostly Classic Rock music.
Bennie's Midi Page
Mostly good quality Oldies Rock & Country Midi Files.
MidiMarvl Music
Featuring Original Music Midi Files--- mostly jazz, blues, funk, reggae, mood music, romantic, information, and lots more. A Must Visit!!!!!
The Midi Zone
AN OUTSTANDING SITE! The Midi Zone is one of the best midi sites on the Web. Offering a wide variety of music with everything from rock to classical. Home of MidiSeek, the true Midi search engine. Just to name a few artists: Aerosmith, The Beatles, Bush, Def Leppard, The Eagles, Enya, Eric Clapton, Hootie and the Blowfish, Led Zeppelin, and more. Also has a wide midi software library and midi discussion area. CHECK IT OUT!
Absolute Alternative
Alternative-Rock Midis
The MIDI.COM Experience
The de facto standard for MIDI sites on the internet! You can search for MIDI sites and MIDI files. You can cruize BandNet, even post your original content.
Bill Shackelford's multi-MIDI-ahh!
Here's my NEW MIDI site, including some of my original MIDI files.
Beginner and advanced MIDI basics. Music Search Engines. Great Music embedded in each page. Spectacular Graphics. Nearly 100 megs of MIDIs to download.
Lots of MIDI-related information. MIDI Basics, Synthesizers, Software, Sounds, MIDI Links, MIDI Files, MIDI-LAB, Marketplace, etc.
Metal Midi's
Metal Midi's! Metallica, Ozzy, Prong, Def Leppard, Queensryche....
Erik`s MIDI-page
Midi to listen at (TV/Movie, Pop, Rock)
A small collection of MIDI variety
Jeremy's Home Page
Web Links, MIDI Files, and More...
hundreds of midi files, most of them assorted by artists in alphabetical order
Elementary School Performances
midi files of both student and teacher performances of both original and published works as done on digital keyboard.
Johnny V's Music & Sound Extravaganza
Links to the best midis, mods, and wavs on the web. Also, miscellaneous musical mayhem.
John Twynam's Home Page
The largest collection of Metallica and Iron Maiden midi's on the net!!
nick's greatest movie and T.V shows midi site!!
lots and lots of midi's from movies and t.v shows..and there'll soon be a pop music midi site!!
Christian Song Writer Seeks Feedback
Original Christian Rock, Praise & worship songs, using MIDI, with accompanying lyric sheets.
MIDI File Central
MIDI Songs, links, themes, and a very hi-tech site.
MIDI Lounge
The best selected General Midi files available! Growing on a daily basis! Frames and Active X and downloadable files!
enya midi archive
lotsa enya midi files ...
Custom made midi files for personal and business web pages to avoid lawsuits and prosecution.
@mmusic - music, music dear music!!
Midi file News Chord MP3 and so on ... in Italian
MIDI Tutorial
A really nicely laid out MIDI tutorial
Ellsworth Hall's CyberComposer Home Page
MIDI compositions (and wav files) of music I've done for various projects, along with a bio and links.
World of Midi
All kinds of midi from classic to modern. Even some home-made arrangements.
Affinity Music Library Music Samples
MIDIs, .wav. and .au files which are samples of the work AML's composers have done for various projects.
Niklas Web- Site
There is a lot of midifiles on this page
"And In The Dark"
MIDI and links to Roxette, Collective Soul, Beatles, Pink Floyd, Enya, Julee Cruise, Chris Isaak, David Lanz, Domain name chart..
The Anthems of the World Collection
Natonal anthems of almost 200 countries in MIDI format.
Walter's MIDIS
Full Orchestral Sequences: marches, originals, adaptations
Dave's Wicked Game Cheats and Midi Files
THE place for midi and game cheating links and files.
The Almighty Web Page
This site has 42 different Nirvana songs in midi files. Totally different songs, not just different versions. Also, Pearl Jam and more coming in the future.
best midi collection
midi of pop, tv and films music
Jayton On-Line
Homepages, information and MIDI music, all composed by James Preston.
Belinda's Page
Belinda's Collection of Midis and her own home made !! Check it out !!
Laughing Boy's Page of Infinate Cool!!!!
Midi's Galore!!!!!!
Kolokoy's Official Homepage
Lots of midis online and midis sent via email!!!
Duke's MiDi Fest
Newest Midi Files, Rap, Rock, TV
Christopher's MIDI Infostop!!!
This is a site where all MIDI programmers are encouraged to go in order to find out about my equipment and exchange info and tips. Songs too!
Peter's midi page
An ever-growing collection of midi files of all kinds
Michael's World midi site
Midi files and contests
Bjorn's High Quality Midi Files
Contains only high quality midi files!! New files are added constantly, so bookmark this site!!
Peter's Midi Page
An ever-growing site of popular .mid files of all kinds
Real Music
Anti-MTV, 100+ Midi Files, Links to good band pages, links to D.C. area radio stations, artist of the month, etc.
Dark Jedi's Domain
Cool Site With Good Midi's
Haneda Music Lab
Haneda is looking for midi and mod files. Several links.
Midiscape is a multimedia website where you can hear hot tunes online. The site features an interactive top ten contest where you can vote for your favorite original. Find out how to put music on your site with music from Midiscape. This is a great place to rev up your soundcard. Enjoy high quality midi songs from composers around the world. Midiscape was designed to support gm, xg and gs standards. Visit soon!
FileCity.com Midi Collection
This Site Contains Thousands of Midi Files Sorted By Artist in Numerous Areas
Ultimate MIDI Page
Large directory of midi sites, files, & resources.
Classical Music at MIDIWORLD
Classical midi files.
Midi Magic File Listings
a general midi file collection.
The Next Millenium
Featuring 20MB of MIDI's, a Homepage Creation Guide, and more!
Q2's Homepage (MIDI)
Some of my favorite MIDI files, TV themes, Movie themes...
James Chan's Homepage -- The Next Millenium!
Featuring over 20MB of MIDI's, a Homepage Creation Guide, and more!
My Music List
Many MIDI files, Updated all the time
The daily Wav
Waves, MIDI FILES,ect
Alex's Screwed Up Midi Page
An Excellent Midi Page For Those Who Collect Midi Files. A Various Selection To Choose
The Very First Arabic / Oriental MIDI Files Site On The Internet
Mozart MIDI Home Page
Download MIDI files of Mozart's compositions. Concertos, Symphonies, Pianosonatas, Songs... Maintained by Andreas LIndahl
Emanuele Angelino's Music Space
Original MIDI composer.
Brazilian Singers and Midi Files Links
Lot os sites of midi sites and Brazilian singers and bands
MIDI World
MIDI files all kind free to download
Ian's best midi's
For the most midi's
Stonehouse Studios
Retailer of Midi Software at competitive prices
La home Page de Séverine
midi files, karaoké
Dave's Info Page
Lots of cool stuff, MIDI's, and lots more
Joshua's MIDI Archive
Excellent Selection of Pop & Rock Music along with TV and Movie themes
Ambience MIDI File Collection
MIDI files available to download..
Michael's Rockin' Jukebox
In this jukebox is a collection of Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock, and Alternative MIDI's.
MIDI Center.
info, files, links, more info, info about other musical things
Da_Bomb Midi's
Da_Bomb has some awesome midi's so check them out!!!!
The Star Wars Universe
You can download Star Wars MIDI's, video clips, sounds, get information about the books, get tips on TIE-Fighter, and more!
Johan´s Music Page
the Best Midi Page on the net. I have 200 Midi files !!! KLICK AND FIND OUT !!!!!!
Limy for Midi
Midi Song
Classical MIDI works
Some really good MIDI files, including Bach's Violin Concerto in A Minor, and Mozart's 41st Symphony
Mike Peterson's MIDI Page
Literally hundreds of MIDI files organized into 5 genres and sorted by artist/group name.
Midi Composer
Lerone's Collection of Neato Stuff
All kinds of stuff, including midi files
An incredible and graphic-interfaced web site! Site updated daily!
Midi File Central - The Original and Ultimate coll
A vast library of over 2500 files, Pop, Rock, Alternative, XG, Classical. We`ve got it all!
La fantastique page des poissons!
aquariums, photography and midi
TV & Movie Midi Files
Over 150 high quality TV and Movie GM Midi files. Fast download !!!
World Of Midi
The best midi files of the 'net
Eisboch's very simple MidiLink
Midi site dedicated to amateur midi musicians.
Many good midifiles. Feel free to check it out!
"Dare To Fail" interactive music project
DTF members combine their efforts to create multiple midi compositions from a single basic track
The Punk and Metal Midi Archives
The best(and funniest) midi archive around! Even if you don't leave with a midi, you'll leave with a smile! :-)
Bruce's Midi
Download awsome midi files
Queen ArenA Midifiles
A Site For Queen and Freddie ,Mercury's Midi
Bas Greevink Home
Personal Top-10 Midi files
Welcome to my homepage
More than 200 Chinese Pop Song Midi Collections
Ther RPG Midi Page
Bunches of Midis from ever RPG made by Squaesoft and other companies too! Come here to download them all! (All Midi are in .zip format)
Greg's Home Page
New site Midi enhanced will be adding midi files soon
The House of House
Te best music site with MIDI and RealAudio files!
Boudi's Homepage
Listen to the best midi's as a background music, or just download them!!
Midi of yours, midi of mine...Till the last breath
Koopa Kingdom
Midi music from Nintendogames and more...
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish
Top 10 MIDI of the month
Doug's MIDI Page
This site contians 150+ neatly organized MIDIs.
The MIDI Express
Hundreds of TV and Movie MIDI Files!
Moogie's Cyberworld og Midi
Lost's of midi just the newest artists
Fetio'S GREENDAY Midi Site
greenday midi site by the great FetiO
Tim´s new Page
A Site with lots of Midi Files, VGA Planets, and Links to usefull Plug-in´s and Web Programs
Music Land
Midi files français
FreeStyle MIDI jukebox
Old School Latin FreeStyle and Merengue General MIDI files
Official MIDI Source
Literaly hundreds of high quality MIDIs by all your favourite artists: your number one source for all your MIDI needs. There is no alternative!!!
Sound Development Online
Support for Sound Development, Midi, Mixing and more..
The High Quality Midi Archive
Sorted High Quality Midi Files
Wai Phil's Travel, Pretty Pictures of Asian Girls,
a lot of midi files to choose from 7 pages so far, pictures of girls,the tropics, chat rooms, and alot more!! Come and see for yourself!!
My Super MIDI Site Download, Listen, Browse!
A great Site that I have put together If you are looking for FREE MIDI files then click me to see a great site!
My MIDI Page
A few cool MIDIs, go to every page, you'll hear awsome music. The home page lets you choose the music.
Carrot Top's MIDI Links and Cool Sites
Links to the best MIDI sites on the web. Cool site links too.
MIDI Music Menu
assorted midi files
midi index to several catagories of midis: classic rock, easy listening, country, tv and movies, 60's rock,
GRECOJAM: The Greatest Collection of Jokes & MIDIs
Great Amount of Jokes and MIDIs!
Netteus Midi Studio
Korg 05r/w GM/GS XG Soundfiles in jazzrealted
bjornes homepage
midi music writer
Oscar Torresbaca Midi Home Page
[[[ Free ]]] Quality Midi Files [[[ Free ]]]
MIDI 501
cool MIDI files and lyrics here
Milley McMillan Home Page
MIDI files, fun, cool links (language: polish)
Midi-files for the JV-1080 Synthesizer
Paul's Midi World
Has Tons of Midis
lerone's Collection of Neato Stuff
A Collection of all kinds of great stuff, including a midi page
Midi Varie
Just a music!!!
MIDI Composers' Exchange
The oldest and largest original MIDI page on the net. Hundreds of original MIDI files from all over the world!
Metallica MIDIs
Every Metallica MIDI, +Star Wars, Marilyn Manson, and many more.
Depeche Mode Audio Files
Great Collection of Depeche Mode MP3 and Midi Files
An extensive index of midi files.
Midi Power
Largest Midi File Archive
All Metallica Midi's and THOUSANDS of other great artists
Questers Midi Page
The best Midi's Around!
TrueType's Midi Archieve
TrueType'ýn Midi Arþivi
Jim's Midi Links
Links to 335+ artists in Rock,Pop,Dance,Rap,Metal,Disco,R&B, and more
Frog's Homepage
Lot's Of MIDI Files, Guitar And Bass Tab, And Other Fun Stuff
Musical Crossroads
Original MIDIs by 17 year old boy
## MIDI Base ##
Some known Midis to Download
Greg's Web of Wonder
My favorite MIDI files and links
knacks midi page
more midi files in few weeks
Midi files for professionals. Custom music production. Flash. Shockwave. RealAudio. More...
Daniel's Odds and Ends
Contain MIDI's of all sorts from game music to theme music.
TV and Movie midi files archive, lots of links
Midi Music from Victor James
Black midi music from gospel to Motown
The Rikus Kras homepage
You can find allot of cool midis at my midi page
Mr.Moustache's Web Page
Has some MIDI stuff, mostly just a cool place.
The Funky Jammin' Mix
An excellent 12-song MIDI music compilation by David Grund Jr.
Daniel´s Midipage
Lots of midisongs from TV!
Michael's Rockin' Jukebox
This site has a collection of Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, and Alternative MIDI's. Over 60 different choices.
Ralph's Music Faves and Juke Box
Pages on favourite 70's groups and a JukeBox with over 250 midis - and growing..
TV series midis
On this page, one can find almost *any* midi file of any TV show available.
Italian MIDI
Lot of MIDI and digital audio related stuff, info, docs.
The Midi´s Home
You Will Find All Midi Files
Bloke's MIDI Page
Bloke's MIDI Page...Where you can find the best midi on the net!! Cool music for cool people. I've searched the whole internet for the best files so you don't have to!
Page de Jean-Charles Gibouleau
More 16000 free midifiles
The Utopia Connection
This site has background MIDI files, as well as information about Car Audio.
Christians Helping Christians Midi Files
A Christian site with GIF'S MIDI'S and information on CHRIST
Spectrum Multimedia
Midi Station & HTML Design
Spectrum Multimedia
Midi Station & HTML Design
Daniel´s Midi Site
Here yoy can find alot of midi music, movie midi, Tv midi, Beatles midi etc.
Cheryl Robertson's Whole Moon Page
A collection of MIDI "Moon tunes".
The Wonderland of Down2!
some *not much* midis 4 online listening
William's MIDI Mecca
These are a few of my favorites from my collection
Jeff's QFG Midi Archive
Lots of Midi's from Sierra's Quest for Glory 1-4
Gerard's Hideous Hideout
A lot of different midi files and of course other stuff
Midi Planet!! The best original midis by young an
Original compositions created by amateur musicians, young and old!! Come listen to the talent that this world has!!
Midi Planet
Original midis by young musicians all around the world! Submit your own composition as well!
A Midi Bulletin Board!
A great place to find our about midi! An awesome midi bulletin board! Post articles, reply to existing, even search an entire database of your favorite midi subject! Come here!! Click here, now!!
Solving MIDI problems
Now you can know how to connect synth with computer! There is allsow many good MIDI fails.
MIDI Music Guide from The Mining Company
A guide to the best MIDI resources on the Net. Every week I lead you to the best sites and latest news. Forget search engines! This is a "one-stop" site. Software, original music, it is all here!
Frontline Victory Christian Fellowship MIDI site
A church homepage with plenty of Christian MIDIs.. (hundreds acutally)
Lurch On-Line
Original XG MIDI in pop, rock, blues styles. Plus MIDI link exchange?
Best of the Web MIDI Library
The Best Popular Song MIDI files
The Midnight BBS WWW Page
A Midi of the week, plus past weeks and lyrics!
page personelle
vvvveeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy ccccccooooolllllllllllllll - popular MIDI songs
Pop and classical midis
Nuno's Home Page
Great midi site, it has all the new midi files out on there, it gets updated weekly. It also contains lots of free music wav files, based on house/dance music. Kind of like samples in wav format.
The Midi Critic
Midi Reviews, Popular Movie Files, Music that won't hurt your ears!
Ultimate Midi File Archive (the best)
Play and dowload the best midi files. You must have seen this. Just click and play.
Dj Babs Warez, Musix, (2000) Cracks Site
lots of Midi, Cracks, Warez ETC.
The Underground Circus
The latest Alternative MIDI files, all torture tested on a SB32 Wavetable card.
Led Zeppelin MIDI Page
Led Zeppelin MIDI Songs (Over 40 to choose from)
Harry's New World MIDI PALACE
Thousands of midi files onl
Packer Base
Green Bay Packers and Sports MIDIs
The Raphael HardRock Site
Site whit midi files
AmMoNiC's MiDiS
The Best Alternative Midi Files
Sam's MIDIs
Rap, R&B, Reggae, Oldies, Alternative,
The Fox
this is a site with kickass graphics a growing range of midis
Professional Sound and Music
pro audio and midi schematics, services, info, supplies and goodies
Midifather´s Homepage
Theo Tres Thr3(tm)
The official Web site for Theo Tres Thr3(tm) original MIDI music.
Brad Midi Zone
The Brad Midi Zone contains exclusively TV and MOVIE Themes (about 50)

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